Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Big Short-A Movie Review

Hastings Book Store was going out of business, so I took advantage of their 70% off sale and bought this highly acclaimed movie.

It was fascinating, true, but funny? Yikes, maybe I've lost my sense of humor.
 Utilizing, at times, a documentary format, Hollywood proceeds to unfold the great housing bubble crisis which led to the unforgettable bail out of several Banks in 2008.
Some of us remember that crisis all too well. The NINJA housing loans to incredibly unqualified home buyers.  No income, no jobs, no assets. A credit score below 550? Wow.
At one point, we have the famous Chef Anthony Bourdain explaining how faulty bonds were combined, or bundled, to look like a good investment.

I think I learned something. If nothing else, don't get in over your head by believing a slick salesman.
I'm actually hunting property, someplace to homestead without any regulations. I've found, realtors will tell you anything you want to hear. Recently, one told me no one enforces the CCR's . Don't worry about it.
Yeah, I think. He just wants to unload a piece of junk,slope-scape no one else will touch.
So, if you want some schooling on fraud, Wall Street bankers, market crashes and reckless behavior, watch this film.
I'll watch it again, and pick up a lot more information. Once could only begin to open my eyes to the banking world that runs the world.
Buyer, beware.

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