Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crisco Candle Update-Post Rain Down

Due to technical difficulties, my recent You Tube video contains only raw footage. My Movie Maker refused to do audio, so, here it is with the promised test results. I have to admit, I initially thought the rain water had evaporated and/or become a non issue. I got the candle burning, then set the pot on it. Put a lid on the pot. A few minutes later I came to check it.
The flame had died! I removed the pot and saw a pool of liquid, which I presumed to be all shortening. Apparently not. I couldn't light it, no matter how many kitchen matches I used.
After a great deal of effort, I gave up and threw it away. I'd rather not have anything at all than something that appears to function. If I don't have anything, I will get something. If I have something I figure will work, I might wait until its too late to find out its junk.
As a survivalist, I believe testing your gear and your systems before SHTF is prudent. Head knowledge is way different than hard core, in the field knowledge.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shout Out to Naked Fans

I figured I might as well post this again. This show is funny at times and interesting, but definitely not hosting me. I told them I'd be interested in "Nearly naked and Almost afraid". While I'm completely honored by their interest,shadowing two splotches on my body is not going to cut it.
How about some Dual Survival for Women. Those guys get to keep their pants on and their buff bodies are amazing!
Anyways, any women out there wanna go for the naked thing, the contact info follows.
Hi Carol,
I'm a casting associate with Metal Flowers Media in Los Angeles and I'm writing to you today because we've recently kicked off our annual nationwide search for seasoned outdoorsmen and outdoors-WOMEN with well-honed survival skills to take part in Discovery's #1 rated show, NAKED AND AFRAID...the revolutionary docu-series where survival is taken down to its purest form.
**We are in particular need of women with primitive survival skills for next season, which is filming this summer. If you're not interested, could you please recommend someone?��
If you are not familiar with the show, here's a link to learn more about it: 
Feel free to forward this email to any of your students/friends/family/colleagues that may be good candidates and would welcome this challenging and exciting opportunity. Those who are interested may contact me directly with their names, ages, occupations, and a little bit about themselves. 
Lastly, I've attached a screenshot of the press release for your review.
Thanks so much and I would really appreciate any referrals you may offer. Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to call me. 
Best wishes,
Jane Ford
Senior Casting Associate
Metal Flowers Media, LLC
Stop and smell the reality
Mobile//  310-413-4455
Twitter//  @metalflowers

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Doomsday Preppers Go High Tec

Working out in the gym in preparation for this summer's mountain adventures had me watching a bunch of TV. Normally, I surf between the various news channels, Dual Survival, Alaska Troopers, and What Not to Wear. I know. Slim. Very slim.

Sometimes a good movie is on, but the closer to the climax, the more commercials. It's almost too much to bear. I mean, who cares about Gieco giving you 15% off when your hero has met his match?

But today I was impressed. I happened on back to back episodes of real survivalists demonstrating high tech and not so high tech products.

Vietnam played a role here. I learned about securing the perimeter with trip wires and flash bombs, fall traps with spikes waiting for the unwary invader, spider holes with an amazing bullet proof "glass" where by one could shoot through the glass from your safe haven, knock out the assailant and yet the enemy could not shoot through it. The defender used a mannequin (otherwise known as a dummy, but that term can be confused with real people) to prove the glass worked.

I loved how he embedded a steel drum sideways into the ground. Easy and strong.
Ok, then another guy built a tree house and utilized some reflective material that camouflages the building by reflecting the very surroundings. Tests showed it worked pretty well. I would wonder about it at night, however, if a beam was directed towards it. This prepper lived in Tennessee and had 30 acres for his bug out.

Next up were extremely talented Alaskan natives. I found myself agreeing with everything. They planned to flee Fairbanks at night, take a boat to their dome ( a green, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, bear and bullet proof structure in the interior.) There they would hunt, fish and live off the land. their water supply was close. Twice a year they 'practiced'. I use the word practice. I suspect they enjoy the hell out it. These are the kind of survivalists one could trust with their lives. You could tell they really knew what they were doing.

I watched his daughter take down a booby trapped pine tree to block passage in the river. Then she climbed a different tree with a deer stand two part system. It made scaling the tree for vantage points look easy. Gotta get me one of these things.

Bottom line, I watched this show a couple years back and was disappointed by the stockpiling of goods in basements that look indefensible.

My strategy includes being highly mobile, staying out west and living off the land. This requires good health, knowledge and practice. I think I'm going to invest in a few more things now that I've seen them in action.

Keeping it real.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of Moose and Men

The big day has come. After months of labor, proofing and final touches, Of Moose and Men-Riderunning in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness is available to the public.

You can order it in  Print or for just $3.99 get it for  Kindle. This digital format is also available in the Amazon lending library, and as a down load for your pc. Just follow the link at the bottom of the page and read where it says:
Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a Kindle device—with the FREE Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers.

I hope you enjoy the stories. Please write a review for me when you finish. Thanks so much.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Big Day Has Come

Sorry for such long spaces in posting, but the corner has been turned. The book is ready and my betta readers are turning last minute corrections. I hope to begin the publishing process this Saturday and the new book:

Of Moose and Men-Ridgerunning in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness  

should be available at on Sunday. 
I'll use my full name, Carol Wellman, because its non fiction, although a fictional story is embedded later in the work.

I'll post the direct link here when it becomes available.

Whew. Nothing like crossing stuff off the list. The book has 395 pages, twelve photos, gear and food lists, recommendations and a ton of stories. Many thanks to all my friends and family who have encouraged me through this lengthy process.

I  hope you enjoy it and I do desire feedback. Happy Trails

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dual Survival Improved

Although I really liked Cody and Dave's first season of Dual Survival, I felt I learned a lot more today watching back to back episodes of Matt and Joe's adventures.
Matt seems to excel in building things from nature, like blow guns, shelters, fire pits and stalking, while Joe really knows how to  make a fire happen.

Plus I liked their attitudes and karma. Neither seemed dismissive of the other and both were certainly buff and beautiful.

Ok, that's not necessary for survival, but if I was out there starving, a little eye candy would help.

A little head knowledge can be dangerous and make one feel as if they could handle anything. But take a look at folks gearing up for long hikes. They've got money, phones, credit cards and maps and still the mind plays tricks, saying you can't do it anymore.
In a survival situation, you can't give in  no matter how tough it gets. So, I enjoy watching these shows.
One of my new favorites deals with the Brown Family up in Alaska. -alaskan-bush-people-season-1-episode-5-wild-life/
Seven kids ranging from 30 to 12, and their parents lost it all, spent a winter in Ketchikan and could not wait to escape the city.
I hear that!
Cities are places to visit, places to get what you need and head out. Head home to the mountains.
I guess we all aren't so  lucky as to call the hills home.
Some of us have to wait to retire first.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Call for Third Season Casting

Apparently I've made the grade. So far I have received three separate invitations for the next round of casting. I am very pleased and honored with this attention. JLHolden Casting also said if I knew anyone who wanted to try out, spread the word. So here is the message. If you are interested in the link, email me and I'll forward it to you.

The following was copied and pasted from the email:

Hello Survivalists! I am so stoked to once again cast a survival show. I had a blast last time working with all of you and I hope this time you'll join me again on this fun and rewarding journey. This is my first season on the show but it will be the third season the show has aired. They said, this season will be tougher than ever, so we need the real deal. I smiled knowing that I had some of the most extreme survivalist's out there! So don't let me down! Let's show them you have what it takes.

Water is the most important element a human body needs to survive so finding a safe source of water fast is a must in survival situation. Therefore, knowing how to find & purify water is the most important survival skill. Share your thoughts with me by applying for the show below. 

Apply Now!