Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Warning! Political Rant to Follow

I've really had it. All the drama in this National Election needs to end. We're two weeks to E-Day and the foolishness needs to end.
Please! Would the real candidates please step forward so we can choose who to vote for??

Don't even tell me we're really expected to chose between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Even die hard, flag-waving patriots can't claim we've got a reasonable chance of not being the laughingstock of the entire world.

The debates were entertaining. Thanks for all the Foot-in-Mouth and Criminal coverage, Fox News and CNN.
Now, how about unveiling the real candidates for President?
We live in troublesome times. The health care thing is going haywire, threatening to bankrupt America. With premiums going up by 25% this year, I wonder how families are supposed to survive.
Only if you're stone broke and receive major tax credits from our government, are you able to view insurance premiums as a reasonable expense.
Then, as our Senior Citizen base expands, we find social security lagging way behind the cost of living. Not for one moment do I believe the Cost of Living hasn't gone up. Did any of our elected official received a raise? I say, cancel those raises and split the money among struggling Seniors.
Or better yet, get rid of some congressmen and their staff I don't see them doing much anyways.
Its getting down right disturbing.
The chasm between the rich and poor deepens like the Colorado River carving out the Grand Canyon.

Sometimes I wonder why more isn't said about the crazy economy, but then I realize folks are tired. Its exhausting filtering through lies and half truths. Maybe its time to jump off the gerbil wheel and flee to Mexico. I mean, a little music, a few tacos and some siesta might be what the doctor ordered.
But who trusts doctors, anyways? Mine seems to like prescribing pills, so I ditched him. He can take a hike. I need a physician that looks past pharmaceutical relief.
It's all a scam, this American dream.
I for one plan to live as simply as possible. Let the politicians earn their keep.
Sure, as soon as the real candidates step up and introduce themselves.

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