Tuesday, October 11, 2016

LED Light Review

Thursday past, my amazon LED lights arrived. A package of ten cost 17.99.
I proceeded in switching out my camper lights. Going solar, I'm curtaining my power draw off the house batteries where ever possible.

I had already installed two LED lights from Walmart. Rated at 50,000 hours, I had no doubt they'd last a long time. Although they cost a great deal more than amazon's- ( 2 for $14.99 plus tax, almost $16 bucks)- I decided to keep them to compare output.

Today, I finally took those two back to Walmart. The ends were flickering, an annoying situation at best.
You might ask, are you sure it was the lights and not the outlets.
Yes. I switched them into other outlets. Same story. I installed amazon's LEDs in the outlet quit by Walmart's brand. No flickering.
Problem solved. Get the 10 pack for $17.99, no tax.


  1. Amazon is my favorite place to shop. Before I buy ANYTHING including vitamins and even some foods, I check Amazon. The prices are usually equal or better than Walmart or any other brick and mortar stores. And I have Prime so I get my stuff fast and free. Good work Carol.

    1. I think a good plan is to scout the item locally, touch it, feel it, know what the brand is, then check at Amazon. So far, I've been happy with the free shipping without having to join Prime.