Thursday, December 17, 2015

Of Moose and Men

My new book is now available at Barnes and Noble.

Of Moose and Men-Ridgerunning in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness is a non-fictional account of the summer I worked for the Maine Appalachian Trail Club. I taught Leave No Trace, monitored trail usage and assisted people from all walks of life enjoying the great outdoors.

Published in March 2015, I used exclusively for nine months. Now, I'm making it available for NOOK readers as well.

Some of the comments I've received in the reviews posted there I will now address.

Embedded in this book is a fictional story I wrote in my head as the months wore on. I spent a lot of time alone and the Appalachian Trail culture birthed a What-If scenario.
People have disappeared from the trail. What If I did, as well? The fictional account is short, but also gives insight into the amazing lifestyle long distance hikers adopt. Plus it shows how I coped with living off grid, alone, for five months.

Then, someone said it was 'creepy' that I was assessing every guy I met. I also assessed the women. Part of my job was to help people be prepared for what lay ahead and keep folks from getting over their heads. Most of that precautionary task dealt with day hikers, section hikers and south bounders. Some north bounders, just 83 miles from Katahdin, needed to retrace their steps to a hospital.

In a brutally honest fashion, I gave an inside look to my private musings, hopes and dreams. Not always pretty. I loved Maine and its people. They were friendly, fun and rugged. If you ever get a chance to hike the Appalachian Trail, or perhaps just do the Hundred Mile Wilderness, be prepared to spend some time nursing aching knees, and give my best to the folks in Millinocket at the AT Lodge.

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