Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Warning! Rant to Follow

I haven't written in a month.
I'm fairly pissed with the whole survivalist idea.
Somehow we've come full circle until what was a normal human endeavor, to survive any crisis, and prepare for danger, has become a spectator sport where so called normal humans watch reality t-v shows on survival.

Not like you're going to learn anything by watching the same old fights and struggles for food and water.
Contrived. Damn contrived.

A bit of history. After four years of being begged to try out for Naked and Afraid, I finally agreed to do a couple short films for Alone...in an effort to shut them up. I told them over and over I'm too old, too calm, and besides, what's the challenge of being alone in the wilderness with what you have on your back? Long distance hikers do that all the time.

Of course, I wasn't picked. Didn't expect to be. My footage was me calmly making shelter and fire with flint, gathering edibles, talking about survivalism. Boring. No yelling, no crying, no running, no screaming.
Stinks. You viewers would vote me off the waves.

Okay. No sour grapes here. Recently, I've been invited to find a sibling to survive with. Or baring that, (my siblings think survival means going with out pizza or beer) show how we live off grid for long periods of time.

What? There are real people doing that all the time. Millions of youtube videos chronicling skills on that very subject.
Come on, New York, or Hollywood, or whoever puts out these lame ideas, get real.

So on my magnificent, soul busting, Wonderland Trail, I promised myself to stop striving.

Striving: pushing crap through life for no apparent reason. Here on the mountain, chefs have quit so many times, we quit believing them. Others milk the clock and claim they're worked to the bone, can't even take a day off. Get real. No one's that indispensable. If they listed their day's work, it wouldn't even fill two lines.

But winter's coming, and I'm heading south. Not even saying where. Don't want anyone trying to meet me there.

Rant's done.
I'm leaving this blog up because I've been honest and open and hope someone can glean good stuff.
There's photos and stories and reviews.

To all things there is an end. Not saying I won't write some more, but right now I'm have it with so called survival promotions. Its all been said. Its all been done. Enough.


  1. Wishing you my best Brawny. You have got it together, no need to act up for entertainment. One of the benefits of age is the wisdom to do what brings you happiness. In a few more years I will be retiring. I hope I will be as fortunate to travel and hike to some incredible places. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. I read your post and I want to say that it is very good and informative. I like it and I appreciate you for your effort.


  3. Well, there is one ole'sourdough that thinks your perfect. And sexy, and spunky, and sexy, and fun, and sexy, and playful, and sexy, and smart, and sexy, and interesting, and sexy, and interesting, and sexy......did I mention sexy.

    Merry Christmas and a healthy and joyful 2016 to you.


    1. Well,thank you, Sourdough!
      Happy New Year.

  4. There is nothing real about any reality TV. Matter of fact, there is nothing real about any kind of TV. Same with FB and all the other social networks that are "trending"... Be pure to yourself and you have most of the battle won. The rest is just existence...