Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wonderland MINI Report

This buck was up near Sunrise. I saw him on my second morning. I get up at daybreak. Seems he was wondering where the does were. I could have told him. Just opposite the meandering trail.

Lots of berries are out. I saw two big poop piles, smack in the trail. Bears are loving it too.
After 3.5 days (got in at noon) I'm one beat puppy. Had lots of time to think on these 93 miles. Designated camps ensured someone would be there each night. How strange, though, we were supposed to hang our food bags, yet we could cook right by our tents. Of course, I didn't cook, only took gorp, so I could get this done light and fast.
A very gorgeous trail. I didn't see a lick of rain the entire time. The water was sketchy in spots, though, which made me think, maybe a little precipitation was in order.

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