Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good Stuff for the Boondocking

Every once in awhile, something awesome turns up on Facebook. Take for instance the   Free Camping Face book page . Hopefully, I'll get to scope this out soon.

Now that I have an awesome motorhome (which is providing lots of learning opportunities for caulking, bypassing water heaters,  and using electricty to dry stuff out) I can base camp in random places. I mean, after living in a tent for months on end, even if the home doesn't have water or sewer hook ups, its way better than a tent.

Solid roofs, or semi solid, go a  long way. This week I've been testing a lot of nearby vegetation for flavor. Lots of greenery here on the mountain, most still tender in May.
I've got my awning part way out cause the tree is in the way. Below, the tomatoes, are setting fruit. I eat lettuce and mustard leaves from the pots regularly.

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