Monday, June 8, 2015

Surviving the Motor Home

So its onward to Pull-you-up today. At least that's the way I pronounce this 'big' town near Mt. Rainier. Last week my family delivered my  to me....cause I was too scared to pull it with my obscenely long motor home through the mountains.
Obviously that's gonna change. I'm dolly shopping on craigslist as we speak.
So the shopping list:
Caulking of every known property...must be pliable, must be durable, must withstand mini earthquakes such as driving a motorhome entails. Obviously, outdoor quality.
A caulk gun. Duh. Left mine somewhere in Georgia, three years ago.
A back-up electric heater. Long as I'm on their shore power, might as well not kill my only heater.
Peculator: hot water. And no, my water heater is not propane and electric. Already checked that out. Propane only, but boy, is it hot.
Food. Healthy food. Can't be eating chips and junk cookies on my days off just because they're the only things remotely reasonably (and I actually choke to say that) in Ashford at either 'grocery store'.
A big, big tarp. You'd be surprised what a great and common solution that is to the stubborn roof leak. Just spread that baby over the problem area, make sure it slopes away from the low spots, and wait for sunshine to get up on that roof and fix it.
Duct Tape. I'm out. Who lives without the master of all fixer uppers?

I love my home on wheels. My yard is perfect. My walk to the shuttle is perfect. I cross a bridge and hear the river crashing down the perfect mountain. The shuttle is interesting, filled with  coworkers heading up to Paradise. That's the name of my work location. An oxy-moron. Work and Paradise.

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