Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sorry so Lame

My only excuse for not posting in ages is not having internet.
I moved to Longmire campground on Friday and after that, its been busy, hooking up, filming short adventures and learning my new job.
Looks like its going to be a fun season. Seasonal workers are arriving, moving in, some quitting after finding out its not what they had in mind.

Like I told my newest friend Cathy, moving into the campground quadrupled my happiness quotient. Trails and wildlife right outside my door. In fact, all over my door. I've caught 4 mice overnight. Hey, no one's giving birth in my motor home. Just saying.

Photos to follow soon. In all this rain, I don't take too many chances with this "smart phone". So smart, I had to reload the server here cause it lost it when I moved.
Life is good. People are interesting. Stay fit, they all say. That's how you stay young.

I finished reading the Land and Sea survival manual. Had to laugh. Under survival technique is you find yourself alone, it said, "Cuss outloud to hear your own voice." Yeah, I get that.

Scoping out edible plants here. Lots of good moss for fire starters. Haven't seen a bear yet, just deer.

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