Saturday, April 11, 2015

Update on Motorhome Living

So the Geo is no more. I bought a Mirage Mitsubishi to tow behind my home. I'll have to use either a dolly or a trailer. Stay tuned as I continue on the steep learning curve.

Yesterday, I added four stabilizing jacks to the mix. Can't believe the difference they made. Each jack is rated for 6,000 pounds, which is actually half of what  my class A weighs. I learned, you must find a solid metal junction to set it under, or the tension will eat into the frame.
However, once I had all in place, I noticed a distinct difference in how the floor felt. As I crossed from living room to bedroom, it didn't bounce or sway. Plus, even in high wind, the thing no longer rocks and the framed artwork hanging on the wall stays put.
Each outside storage space was inventoried and assigned gear. The one by my door holds the folding ladder and canvas chairs.
I also bought a swimming noodle. when the awning is raised, this sliced noodle will be threaded over the door to prevent ripping the awning.

As I've also learned, fixing stuff is very expensive on a motor home. Preventative measures are key to keeping all in order and loving my seasonal gypsy lifestyle. I can see living off the grid on BML  or forest service land for weeks or months. The generator works great, as do the air conditioners. Both run on gas. Once my tank, 75 gallon capacity, is down to a quarter, the generator will not work. This safety feature makes sure I can get out of the boonies and locate more gas.

So far so good in the survivalist world. 

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