Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Main Stream Survival

Well, I guess you know its in style to be a survivalist when you see Costco's Spring flyer offering online specials like "Food and Fuel Ultimate Food Storage". This product is described:
950 servings of fruits, vegetables and entrees and 120 packets Ready Fuel. A well balanced food storage and emergency supply. Only $379 after $70 off.

Not a bad price, actually.
You can also buy a bucket of 180 servings of mac and cheese mix in resealable  pouches for only $74.99. And that's delivered.

You don't have to do it yourself anymore. Credit cards and UPS will help you get all this together.

Enormous stashes of Mountain House Granola with milk and blueberries, namely 6 ten# cans, can be had for $139.99 after $30 rebate.

Ok. I'll be honest. I worked at a hospital post Y2k. Some of you don't remember that scam. "They" had many believing that when the calendar turned to the new century, 2000, all computers, including airlines, cash registers, ad nauseum, would go down. An End of the World as we know it, real time.
Of course, that never happened. I simply told folks in case the 'calendar grid' went down, I had a hammer and jar of peanut butter. You're telling me, I'd say, that we can go to the moon, but we can't tell computers how to accept a new millennium?

Bottom line, the hospital had stacks of dehydrated food. Once it became clear the y2k thing was a hoax designed to sell trailer loads of toilet paper to worried housewives, they sold that food, really cheap. I used it backpacking. Took a lot of rehydration and fuel, but it was edible. Barely. Gave me the farts.

So mainstream survivalism is now in the works. Check the freshness dates. Split a case with friends and check it out before going whole hog. Me, I've got rice and beans and flour. Just like old times used to do.

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