Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guest Post by Sourdough

Sourdough lives in Alaska. He's a real survivalist and knows his way around the bush. My opportunity to meet him came in August 2013. We've stayed in touch. If you wish to see my interview with him, check out  my My Youtube channel.


Sadly, neither group has true intimacy with the wilderness. Both are basically fearful of being alone in the raw wilderness for long periods. Environmentalist-type people today are more interested in being accepted into a social group, donating money, and spouting feel'good mantras than living alone in and exploring the ecosystems.

Hunters today have zero interest in an extended intimate relationship with the awesome majesty of raw wilderness. They want to spend as little time in the wilderness as is necessary so as to kill a majestic animal, for whom they have little if any respect, little if any honor, and are primarily satisfied, no more than satisfied......they are gleeful that their friends will see them as more of a real MAN.

It seems that everyone "Wants" from the wilderness.........Sad that so very, very few are willing to just be naked & alone with the wilderness. Sadly for many, the wilderness is just a terrifying place that they are compelled to enter so as the complete their punch-card.

You hear the "So-called" Hunter say', "I Got my Black Bear, I Got my caribou, I "NEED" to get my moose and a Grizzly......then my punch-card will be complete and I will not have to be cold, wet, miserable and afraid in the wilderness again, I sure hope those are enough animals harvested, so that other men will see me as a "Real-Man' ".

You hear the environmentalist say', "I've done the Resurrection Creek trail, the Crescent Creek trail, the Bird Creek trail.......only seven more trails and I will be one'hell-ava environmentalist.....I'll still give $40.00 a month to save the tundra foundation".

Mostly this whole thing is insecure people, searching for the badges to fill their sash. I could respect either group and/or both groups if they truly LOVED, Honored, and were willing to be "at one with the wilderness". Not as a visitor, but as a comfortable part, and intimate part of the Majestic Awesome Wilderness. God is there, if people would spend the time not in a quest, but simply BEING at one in the wilderness.

Sad, So Very Sad...............

-D. V.

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