Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fire Hazard?

So, after driving my Class A, Fleetwood, Coronado Motorhome 265 miles, I resumed shore power and took a look around my new home on wheels.

I've actually lived in it 5 months now and love it. same bed, same frig, same table and chairs.
But alas, much to my dismay, after a strange generator experience in the Walmart parking lot, I am certain the generator is no longer viable. Until I get it to a dealership, the thing will remain dormant.

According to an electrician, the generator, which functions perfectly, must have hit a blockage at the junction box (conveniently  buried in the wall) and burnt the junction box out. At least that's the jist of the thing. A burn occurred and gave witness along the window seam.
Close perusal of the owner's manuals for both motor home and generator do not detail how to inspect that particular piece of wiring.

However, must to  my delight, the electric power is fine. No further burn. No smoke, no destruction.

Hum. Are the gods telling me to get solar? Should I simply sell the generator? Who needs dead weight?

Questions in the quest for the perfect, low impact, sustainable lifestyle.
Answers are appreciated.

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