Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crisco Candle Update-Post Rain Down

Due to technical difficulties, my recent You Tube video contains only raw footage. My Movie Maker refused to do audio, so, here it is with the promised test results. I have to admit, I initially thought the rain water had evaporated and/or become a non issue. I got the candle burning, then set the pot on it. Put a lid on the pot. A few minutes later I came to check it.
The flame had died! I removed the pot and saw a pool of liquid, which I presumed to be all shortening. Apparently not. I couldn't light it, no matter how many kitchen matches I used.
After a great deal of effort, I gave up and threw it away. I'd rather not have anything at all than something that appears to function. If I don't have anything, I will get something. If I have something I figure will work, I might wait until its too late to find out its junk.
As a survivalist, I believe testing your gear and your systems before SHTF is prudent. Head knowledge is way different than hard core, in the field knowledge.

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