Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dual Survival Improved

Although I really liked Cody and Dave's first season of Dual Survival, I felt I learned a lot more today watching back to back episodes of Matt and Joe's adventures.
Matt seems to excel in building things from nature, like blow guns, shelters, fire pits and stalking, while Joe really knows how to  make a fire happen.

Plus I liked their attitudes and karma. Neither seemed dismissive of the other and both were certainly buff and beautiful.

Ok, that's not necessary for survival, but if I was out there starving, a little eye candy would help.

A little head knowledge can be dangerous and make one feel as if they could handle anything. But take a look at folks gearing up for long hikes. They've got money, phones, credit cards and maps and still the mind plays tricks, saying you can't do it anymore.
In a survival situation, you can't give in  no matter how tough it gets. So, I enjoy watching these shows.
One of my new favorites deals with the Brown Family up in Alaska. -alaskan-bush-people-season-1-episode-5-wild-life/
Seven kids ranging from 30 to 12, and their parents lost it all, spent a winter in Ketchikan and could not wait to escape the city.
I hear that!
Cities are places to visit, places to get what you need and head out. Head home to the mountains.
I guess we all aren't so  lucky as to call the hills home.
Some of us have to wait to retire first.

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