Friday, December 19, 2014

Cheap Energy Rant-Guest Post

I couldn't help but share this post from Facebook. Especially during this busy, cold time of year when many of us are rushing around, preparing for the holidays, it helps to take a breath and realize what our high strung life styles actually cost.
Let me know what you think.

I see a lot of rants on Facebook and elsewhere about Shale Oil, Fracking, "bleeding the earth", and on and on. I don't think a lot of us realize to what degree we all depend on relatively cheap energy, and to what extent it provides our American lifestyle. And this is just as true for a tree hugger on our West Coast, an Oil Worker in the Gulf of Mexico or a Fracking protester in New York. Think about this ....
1) Do you drive a car? Use a gas mower? No .... ok, have you ever flown in an airplane or taken a train run by diesel? Have you ever been on a motorized boat?
2) Do you use anything or own anything made of plastic?
3) If the US had no trucking industry (which depends on affordable fuel) what would prices at the grocery store be for those Vegan salads? Could you even get supplies you want at the Grocery store?
4) How much human pain and suffering would be caused by the US economy cratering if there were no fossil fuels? You really think Wind and Solar can ever make up the energy gap created if suddenly we just quit using fossil fuel? Think again.
5) Scientists say we maybe have influenced global temperatures upwards by possibly 2 deg in the last century. Should Yellowstone ever erupt (heaven forbid) global temperatures will DROP 10 degrees immediately and the effect will last at least 2 years (now that's a disaster). All major global warming models and predictions have been WAY off compared to the actual the fear that fossil fuels are killing the planet is just a bit overstated.
So ... a rant for a rant. I doubt any of us will change our opinions, but let's just try to be honest with ourselves and look around and see what is really happening.

written and posted on Facebook, by my dear friend Richard James Rynearson

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  1. We have already warmed the planet to much