Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cost of Heat

As gas prices go down, one might hope propane will follow.

Yesterday afternoon, the family tested driving the Home down to a local purveyor of propane. I had fished the two sets of seat belts out from under the folding couch so that all could ride securely buckled. It was a telling event. Three children and three adults rode comfortably while a few random items jostled off the walls and onto the floor, but it was a sunny, cheerful expedition.

My son in law pulled into the parking lot, expertly made his way between tight spaces and pulled up alongside the huge tank of propane, and parked.
I jumped out the one door, ready to learn and supervise the refilling of my home's heating fuel.
Price= 17 gallons x $3.02 per gallon.
Not bad, not bad at all.

Last tank lasted one month after a glutenous heat splurge in record cold, dropping below negative two several nights in a row. But then, I had slept in the house a week, while house sitting, so, one can not guage last month's consumption accurately. This tank will be closely supervised, the thermostat turned off completely at night. Meagerly, miserly, I'm going to see if this tank can't last a month, too.

Its not the cost so much as putting everything away and driving for a refuel, though I imagine the rig should be driven once a month anyways.
I've added Staybil to the gas tank which is half full, check. I do have shore power, check. The various shades and curtains are opened and closed daily to take advantage of solar heating, check.

The learning curve continues.

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