Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Prep In Progress

I met a very interesting guy on my Alaska Adventure, over a year ago. He recently posted a comment to my other blog and I thought I'd share it with you here.
The Geo is still going strong, though I gave the bike away before returning to the lower forty-eight.
Happy New Year of Adventures to you young LADY.

We have had the strangest weather 2014. No snow, no cold.

This Winter's Hiking....PLB, Calk-Boots, Survival Gear, High Wind Thoughts

So what are you exploring this (So Called) Winter.......??? I have expanded my search for caves in this area. While wishing for a Spruce Hen for the pot, No joy there. And very limited joy in the cave search either. But, still good for geriatric fools to suck some fresh air, and keep ambulatory.

Have been making a serious effort to have the PLB with-in reach 24/7/365 even while sleeping inside
the cabin. Wearing calk'boots most all this winter, what with no snow, and vile ice.

Wanted to touch on Big Wind while in the forest. Nearly all of my hikes are either on the beach or in the deep forest. It can sometimes sound like a gun battle as the tallest trees catch the high winds and crash to the forest floor. The tallest trees here are Spruce, and most are standing dead, having been killed by Spruce Bark Beatles.

While the wind may be 60+ MPH across the tops of the trees, it is calm or slight breeze that is experienced by the hiker wandering the forest floor. Two thoughts, first beware of the clouds, if you can see them. And second keep a searching eye looking for groves of Hemlock, especially young Hemlocks that are 4" to 8" Dia. at stump height, as this is the safe harbor area in the forest with crashing trees.

Stay Safe

I met and filmed Sourdough, a very able survivalist thriving in a harsh land. One of the best memories is when we set off on a hike, after only chatting an hour or so, he handed me his camo automatic, and showed me what to do if, say, a griz got him between his teeth, the gun flew into the grass and I could avail myself of the weapon. "Semi-auto" he told me, "Don't set it on full auto."
"Yes, Sir," I had replied.

The town of Hope is on the far end of the Turnigan Arm,  where cruise ships go to seek whales and buffets set out by obliging high end chefs.

During our short time together, Sourdough and I formed a friendship that transcends vast miles.

May all your friendships grow over the next year, in 2015.


  1. Happy New year to you Carol! I had a very successful night under the Brawny Tarp with 4 inches of rain this weekend. Hope to see you this year. All my best to you and your family!

    1. Thanks Flo. Hope you and yours have wonderful holidays and new year. Glad your adventure went well.