Friday, November 28, 2014

Thrift Stores Vs. Discount Boxes

In my effort to outfit my new home (motor-home) I've come across a lot of deals and come to this conclusion.

Sometimes you just need to buy a brand name.
Take for instance the dollar store broom I bought. On the first sweep, the blue plastic bristles started flying out. Seriously, I asked myself, not even one sweep and the very reason for the item is lost.

Ok, next conclusion. Not all hangers are created equal. See those 8 for a dollar deals? Take care, one wrong twist and the hook is gone. Humm. Easy does it in the closet.

So last night I braved, for the first time ever, the Black Friday Sales, only, you're right, it was a Pre-Black Friday sale, at Walmart, named the First event which began at 6 p.m.
After spending the day writing my summer memoirs, I was ready for some action.

Action I got. All I wanted was some $1.99 DVDs, or at the least, a look at the selection. After all, its a dollar and gas to go rent one via Red Box, and sure I could stream, if there's streaming capabilities. .
Back to my story.
Ten minutes to six, thinking I'm early, I pull in the parking lot. Everyone in town is there. I kid you not. Where is a gal supposed to park?
Aha, in the back 40 is a spot, big enough for the Geo. Park, one last sip of coffee, lock doors, head out.
Two police cars are parked at the store, yellow tape cordoning off various approaches. Dude, what'sup with this??

Ok, deep breath, check my wallet, and phone, yes, still there, safely installed in my jacket pockets.
Once inside, we're given cheat sheets as they pull back the plastic from bins of STUFF. "Dvds?" I ask. "This is my first time to a Black Friday event."
"Mine too," the employee replies, "and I'm working it. Dvds are in Produce," and she points the way, clear across the store. "Good luck."

If I'd know then what I do now, I would have retreated outside and approached Produce from the other entry. But no, I've grabbed a cart and start making my way, through the maze of intent bargain hunters, wall to wall carts, garage size bins of bargains, bodies, kids, STUFF.
A deep swallow later, and I'm at last past Shoes, heading towards the baby aisle, where yellow tape prevents me from approaching Food.
Now what?
Its like abandoning your car in a traffic jam, but frustrated, I ditch my cart in a blocked off aisle and weave my way. No one can stop me now. I smell fruit!.
Movies, I'll just settle for a few movies, though originally I'd hoped to buy a few incidentals like toothpaste and popcorn.

"You can't go there," a woman calls. I spin around, "I just want to buy some movies but I'm about to bail."
"Ok, you have to go back towards Milk."
"Wait, wait, I can't get through there."
"Alright, hurry, get on up there," and points, unable to leave her station.
Walking swiftly, I see my goal where masses are bending to check titles and call home seeing if thats a keeper.
I pass between two employee guards, nodding, "I just want some dvds."
"Right this way."
Over my shoulder a customer says, "Only ten." apparently to a child mesmerized by Angry Birds and Curious George.
At last. My quest in view, various cardboard shelving with DVDs. Green dots are $1.99. Yellow, $3.96. Red and blue, more.

I found my movies, eight all told, all real copies, no bootleg reproductions. Among them : Grudge Fight, Gladiator, Forest Gump and Flight.
Award winners. Movies I can enjoy more than once.

Now, to the taped areas allowing me to pay for the choices. Fifteen minutes later, I'm back in my car, heading home. I'll eat some trail mix. Forget the popcorn.

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