Sunday, November 23, 2014

Home Aspects

So after the motor part of the RV is under control so that you can actually get this thing on the open road, legally motoring down the highway, there's the longer than expected list that makes this box on wheels home.

Here's a list of the things I've bought so far, from kitchen to basement. Of course I owned a couple items, which I list first:

books, dvds, pens and paper
black milk crate that served as the book shelf
a mug
a plate
a backpacker's cook-set
a quilt and fleece throw
hand weights
hand tools (basic repair kits in car)

Items bought so far:
coat hangers
sheets and pillows
bedding set
throw rugs
waste can
scrub bucket
dish soap and scrubbies
sauce pan with lid
saute pan
stove lighter
8 forks
4 butter knives
4 teaspoons
4 tablespoons
paper plates
serving tray
cookie sheets that fit the smaller oven
baking pan
large mixing bowl
pot holders
towels, bath and kitchen

As you can see, most things are kitchen related and alot can be found at thrift stores. However, I've noticed, you can get better deals at discount stores like Walmart. I went fairly cheap and can upgrade as time passes.

As I talk to various friends about my need for this personal space versus living with others, I find most are very supportive. Yet once I was accused of having 'baggage' . I've been thinking about that and conclude, as I get older, maybe this so called baggage is actually wisdom. There comes a  time in life when we've been there and done that enough times to shy from the flame. Is that baggage, or wisdom? I'd like to hear your thoughts.


  1. Lady, you need a sign next to the door.

    "If this RIG is a ROCKING, Don't come a KNOCKING"

    Happy Holidays Lady,

    ps. I am fine. It has been HOT here. Still no snow at the cabin. Temps have been mostly in the 40's all November.
    (That bed does look inviting........hehehehe)

  2. Love your new home, Brawny. It really expands your travel option and since you are a minimalist you have plenty of space. It's nice to be able to prepare your meals in more than one pot and bake treats for the grandkids. Not to mention more privacy no matter where you go.

  3. Love it..... been there and done that. Its all about the wisdom. Your a minimalist at your core.
    Enjoy the ride

  4. Your project reminded me of another RV, home to doll artist, Jo James.