Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great Job Resourse

I've discovered a great way to find outdoor jobs. Check out USAjobs.gov for a searchable data base of all sorts of opportunities, including Ranger, Visitor center, apprentice positions, nurse, maintenance and patrols.

The wage scale is listed along with prerequisites, and you can even upload resumes, create a job search and save a profile making additional applications much easier than starting from scratch everytime.

In the effort to find suitable work in an outdoor field, I'm keeping options open, even willing to relocate for the wonderful job.

I was surprised to note that many of the positions allowed the applicant to have field experience in lieu of a college degree. This is a good thing in my books. Some of us have lots of real life experience but were never able to attend or afford college.

For seasonal workers who might be looking for something full time or a little different, or, even with perks, check it out.


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