Thursday, September 18, 2014

Video on Beekeeping

On my days off from the Gulf, my friends Bruce and Nancy welcome me into their home. Many times, there's an adventure in store.

I met a woman building her own home. I met a woman running a blueberry farm. I learned about the back roads into the 100 mile wilderness.

Today, I met a neighbor who does bees. Now, I'm not a fan of getting stung. Still, camera in hand, I said sure to the invitation, layered up with clothes and hopped in the car.

Half an hour later, I had the hood up on my jacket and was wearing the best hat, shown below.

After the area was well doused with a pleasant smelling smoke, they began disassembling the hive.

Bees would cling to the drawers being removed. She told me there were tens of thousands of bees in that hive. Being fall, the drones were being kicked out as useless after completing their task, and the worker bees, all females, were making honey.

The video on Beekeeping can be watched on youtube. The embedded version here sometimes crops the left side.

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  1. Really enjoyed the bee keepers video. Lots of interesting adventures off the trail too. I can't wait to hike it.