Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bears Like Beer, Too

I found this beer can while hiking the Gulf Hagas loop. Now that the old leaves are shrinking back, more items are surfacing.

Check out the ragged teeth marks. A good friend, a Mainer, told me baiting bears, right before and leading up to hunting season is legal. There are so many bears here, its a population control thing.
Upon reflection, makes sense. Bears will associate human food with death. Mother bears will warn their youngins, "Do Not eat that, you're goin' die!"

Here in camp, the laptop lunch break. Powering up on battery, its a touchy situation. There's only a couple hours to type the journal. So, once the page is loaded, its all systems go, no wandering around, thinking up things to say. Of course, there is no wifi or cell service, but the laptop keeps me sane as the darkness and cold progress.

Crossing the river becomes an entertaining event. Check out my youtube channel or 
Brawnyview to see the footage of this dude making light.
Tuesday, a woman fell in the early stages, and lay, turtle fashion, her pack in the water, until her husband lifted her up.
I left them figure it out. My job is education. No search and rescue needed here. The man had it.

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