Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Survivalists for Real

This week I met a combat veteran thru hiking with her mom, on the Appalachian Trail. Her pack had five names across the back, three of which were friends lost in battle, two post war suicides. To learn more about her journey and 20 years in the service, check out her blog:Post War Hike Blog

As we sat eating lunch at the West Pleasant River Crossing, there on the AT, in the Gulf Hagas, I couldn't help but think what a survivor she was. Afghanistan, Iraq, training as the only woman in a unit in the desert, it must have taken some mental fortitude to keep going.

And that's what we see with all the various hikers coming through, from the oldest, and 80 year old man who celebrated his birthday on the trail, to the young girl hiking with her family. No matter what the gear, or the menu, its all about mindset, sometimes just taking one mountain at a time.

Saturday we had jets flying over for the festival in Greenville. I couldn't see the military aircraft because of the cloud cover, but  a great sense of gratitude came over me. I am glad to be an American. 

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