Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Warning...A Tad of a Rant.

I recently shot and uploaded a 9 minute film detailing how I keep my base camp clean. So far, no mice have invaded my tent or food. I'm very pleased about this. But, it requires a diligent attitude.

I hope you enjoy this film Base Camp Basics  If you click on the link, you'll get the full screen version.

As I dwell here, off the grid, I noted many edible plants and abundance of water and wild animals. So, in addition to dried foods I hauled into this location, I eat wild plants and contemplate what little effort would be required to fish and trap in this hundred mile wilderness, deep in the north woods of Maine. Truly, this would be a paradise for the survivalist.

Some may ask why I take so much time to explain my routines and am so passionate about this minimalist, sustainable base camp.

Well, last summer I spent 6 days at a "survivalist retreat" where I'd hoped to help build a cabin and study plants, trapping etc.

Things didn't turn out as expected. I eventually left, disillusioned. Many friends have asked for the account and why I even stayed that long, after my initial assessment.

I do have my journal from that time, along with lots of footage and photos. Perhaps an account will be forthcoming.

I was told by a foreigner, another 'survivalist' that all base camps become filthy.


Ok, deep breath.
Not mine. I don't live in filth. Never could, never would.

Happy Trails.

Thanks for watching.


  1. There's dirt, and then there's DIRT. And if you live with DIRT, disease and infection will follow at some point.

    1. Good Points, ProudHillbilly,
      I think some of my neat freakness comes from being a professional cook, plus as a minimalist, extra stuff gets in the way.