Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transportation Lacking In America

I'm planning my spring hike on the Continental Divide Trail. Logistics can be maddening, getting from one obscure place to another, then out again to resume work in main stream America. Check out this link for information on bus stations in any state.
Greyhound Station Locator

Part of the problem is we Americans love, love, love our freedom. I love my Geo, the fact I can jump in the little car, put on my music, drink coffee and set my own pace. Road trips are fun, even when solo, because of the freedom to sleep in, pull over, take a side road and not jostle angry travelers who lost their place in line.

But, eventually something has to give. Gas is expensive. Cars are high maintenance and destructive to the environment, especially our National Forests and National Parks where heavy traffic doesn't work.

While my car gets 45 mpg and starts unfailing, even in minus 20 degree weather, I still see the need for better mass transportation. But, I think its gotten worse.

Before we start building fast passenger trains such as Europe and China have, how about adding a new line of buses to the system? If they were less crowded, more reliable, and used faster routes (without so many stops to pick up random packages) maybe people would use them again.

My last trip on a Greyhound involved going from Anderson, South Carolina, to Williamsburg in Massachusetts. There was a lay over in New York City. The buses were overbooked and hot. The stations were the same.

But instead of doing away with buses, I say, increase them, expand the service and promote public usage. Flying is faster if you're going cross country, but if you're traveling instate, perhaps a more efficient bus system is the answer.

Now that would provide some economic stimulus for the whole country and benefit us as a nation for a long time to come. The gradual use of buses would take some time. People would have to hear good reports, not just negative reactions to their experiences. Sort of like the health care reform act. They say the pain will be worth the gain. One can only hope.

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