Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vital Signs and Updates

A whole list of projects have been accomplished just in time to head out to my spring hike which is prior to checking into my perfect job.

First off, a physical and blood work was done to assure my new employer, Maine Appalachian Trail Club, that I am in excellent health and able to accomplish my range of tasks. The blood work tested potassium, kidney function, and more, plus delivered four numbers dealing with Cholesterol. In order to truly understand what those number meant I used the Cholesterol LDL-HDL Ratio Calculator .

This allows you to get the ratio of good to bad blood fats, and see if your triglycerides are normal. Once I plugged all them in, I got instant feedback, resulting in Ideal for my profile.

My blood pressure, body fat, pulse, strength was all approved and in great shape! So, Maine here I come.

Also, I finished book five of the River Survival Series, entitled, Delivered.
Over the last months I have edited and reformatted all of my books, including fiction and non fiction so they are available for print on demand and have appropriate chapter breaks for the digital readers.

Books at Amazon
Create space

I'll try to get the cover posted here, but our low bandwidth makes it difficult. Maybe in the morning!
Over the course of my writing career, I've learned many things. With the fictional TEOTWAWKI  The River Survival Series, it seems a whole other world has been created, so real, I actually miss the characters when I'm not writing about them. Some women knit, I write. Its a hobby and a passion.
The non fictional cookbooks and backpacking books allow me to share things I've learned along the way. Its my hope others can benefit from these works.

I've also learned that the best way to buy Greyhound bus tickets is to go to the nearest station and pay for them and have them print them out right there while you wait. I'm here near Livingston, but bought tickets for New Mexico.

Greyhound Bus Lines
Happy trails. A favorite saying of mine, "If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much room."

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