Saturday, December 14, 2013

Naked and Afraid Review

I watched this series all the way through for the first time. The challenge takes place in a Panama jungle.

At first the two couples meet, unaware there's another couple heading to the same target zone. The couples have no problem stripping and hugging each other. It doesn't take long before they're snapping at each other, fighting over the work load and life style.

Eventually the couples meet, shake hands and we have a foursome working towards the same goal of survival.
A co-worker watched it with me, both of us calling out suggestions when the four naked people seemed clueless. What I couldn't understand was how you could be walking through crystal clear stream in the swamp and be dying of dehydration. Finally they come to a waterfall and drink freely.

Manu suffered from a virus three days later and will suffer for the rest of her life. They lost many pounds, up to 16. The food situation proved to be the most surprising because vegetation was abundant. I figured some of that greenery would be edible and easy to access.

One thing we all can take away from this is its way harder than one can imagine. Each was allowed to bring one item. Both women brought machetes. One guy brought a flint. One guy brought plastic goggles.

I would definitely watch this series again. It helps a survivalist think about scenarios and possible outcomes.

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