Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Montanta Weather and All Hell Won't Wait

The weather has definitely improved here near Bozeman. Last week we suffered negative temperatures, as low as 23 below. Cars started reluctantly, we eased over ice, through long narrow roads, peering through frosty windshields.

The blue skies are still here in big sky country, but its warmed up to the single digits. Still, one can't drive too fast. Yesterday a blizzard closed the Interstate for awhile.

Snowshoe rabbits and deer grazing in the fields are common sights. People get off work and hunker down. Not enough snow here to cross country ski. I'm loving the blue skies after working in Girdwood, Alaska for 3 1/5 months. There are two more hours of daylight than when I left Alaska, and soon the days will be getting longer.

The second book in the River Survival Series is now available in print. I edited it so it has chapter breaks. The kindle and nook e-versions reflect a growing maturity in my writing style. Well, that's the goal at least.

CreateSpace eStore All Hell Won't Wait For Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nooks have a different cover, but the text is exactly the same, a fresh edit, complete with chapter breaks. The journey as an independent author has been painful at times.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

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