Thursday, December 26, 2013

Guest Post from Real Survivalist

I met Sourdough for a day of hiking near Hope, Alaska. We stay in touch, even though I've returned to Big Sky Country here in Montana.  Recently he sent me a great email. I enjoyed his message so much, I asked if I could share it with you.  A true survivalist, Sourdough is a skilled hunter,  builder and  famous back country guide who has taken a lot of large game. He knows wild plants and lives off the land. Thanks, Sourdough for your permission to share this information.
.......You DON'T need hunting gear to hunt. You DON'T need to travel to special places to hunt. REALLY all you have to do is HUNT. You DON'T need a firearm or any type of weapon. It is helpful if you can walk or crawl.

Many people confuse "KILLING STUFF" with Hunting.........That is just KILLING Stuff. KILLING Stuff is NOT hunting, really it is just killing stuff.

What is lost today is the pure BLISS of just walking out the door and studying what the other animals did last night, or three days ago. Hunting is learning to be 100% non-fearful or the least bit uncomfortable being alone in the wilderness. A six year old child can kill stuff with a scoped firearm & short LOP.

The true joy of hunting is studying the natural systems and how they are connected to each other. It is snowshoeing along a Hare track, and reading where the Owl harvested supper. Hunting is learning to track what you don't know you are tracking, all you know is that the leaves you are following at first light are turned "WRONG" side up.

Hunting is NOT having to kill an animal just because you can kill it. Hunting is withholding that desire to kill, in exchange for the reward of watching how the animal moves, what catches it's attention, how long can it freeze in mid-step, how does it blend it's natural color with it's environment.
And ten-thousand other things that cost the hunter nothing, other than the comfort of being safe and warm inside a residence. Hunting is free, one only needs the passion to learn about his natural environment.

Sadly most men are obsessed with trophies on the wall or trophies in their 401K, IRA, Bond Portfolio, etc.

To a hunter it is not the trophy, it is the pure bliss of being alone in the wilderness, without fear, but with an insatiable desire to understand the wilderness, it's majesty, it's absolute perfection, and his part with-in that perfection.

And if you can ever get there, there is a point in one's wilderness travels, where he is overwhelmed with the realization that he is surrounded by GOD. And you will weep in the majesty of the experience............(And it is ALL Free)


My friend, Sourdough, Guest Contributor for the  Female Survivalist.


  1. Well said!
    A real hunter realizes the need to protect the habitat first and foremost.

  2. certainly said it better than I could. beautiful.