Friday, December 6, 2013

Montana Wildlife

I'm back in Montana and it's gorgeous. Full sunshine and cold temperatures make the air crisp and refreshing. On a drive to town, I caught a herd of antelope grazing. The mountains touch the clouds, producing awesome sunrises and sunsets.

Stay tuned for more adventures here. Its all about layering and staying hydrated. I'm working at 5,000 feet, back in God's country.


  1. The more I see of Montana, the more I like it. I've seen some of it lately on that reality show, "Mountain Men".

    Of course, I hear that the uber wealthy have been buying property up there and driving prices sky high. So much for me moving up there....

    Watch out for big cats and bears....

  2. Thanks for your comment, Matt. I love the landscape and I think there's still some affordable places. Right now I'm seeing lots of cattle working here on a private guest ranch.