Monday, October 7, 2013

New Pain Chart

I came across this link for a site called Hyperbole and a Half. Its very well written. What drew me there was a link from Wilderness Survival Forum site with a new take on the hospital "pain" charts. Seems we all need to see pictures of things to adequately attach a number to how much pain we are experiencing.

I have some understanding of the pain assessment process. The nurse comes in and asks you to tell her on a scale of one to ten how much pain you're in.

If you say a one, she leaves. If you say a two, she might show concern. If you want to take something to relieve the pain, other than some ibuprophen you got stashed in your purse or jean pocket, you'll say five or more, and please.

Pain is no laughing matter. If it gets out of control, its hard to catch up to it. Panic is the enemy pain management. Tense muscles and fear do nothing to encourage slow steady breathing.

But, if you're trying to get the doctor's attention, you really got to let it out, respectfully,of course.

Check out her rendition of facial pain markers. Her corresponding text is hilarious, too.

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