Friday, October 25, 2013

An Insider's Look at Yukon Quest

The Yukon Quest 1,000 mile Race  begins February 1st. The Iditarod Trail Sleddog Race is the well known race which involves sled dogs, men or women and brutal weather over a period of 9 days.

These dogs are a key component to success. They run, eat and sleep to please their masters. The connection is amazing, especially for those of us who have never really owned a dog.

I was privileged to get an interview with owner and trainer, Eric Cosmutto from Muzzy's Place Sleddog Adventures today. Its obvious he knows and loves each one of his dogs. As we walked around, petting and viewing the well kept dogs, Eric explained the nature of each one, how old they were and key signs of health race organizers look for.

You can enjoy a tour, a sled dog ride, attend mushing school or enjoy an overnight tour.
Their phone number is 907-378-7620 or 907-347-8427.

I admit, the longer I was on location, the more I could visualize living in the yurt, feeding the dogs, being part of the support team.

Georganne and I were invited into Eric's home for coffee. He popped in a video called 6 On-6 off, which interviews several multi-race winners, among them famed Lance Mackey. Real footage of the race, meals en route and mushers make this movie a real insight. I'm fascinated by the Yukon Quest, which runs from Whitehorse, Canada to Fairbanks.
Here Eric and Georganne chat about the sled dogs. Check out http://muzzy'
for more information on how you can enjoy one of Alaska's Iconic adventures.

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