Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Updates Are Good

I've finished editing the cookbook for backpackers called
After reading the reviews folks left for me, I took them to heart and made improvements. My journey as an author has sometimes been is bumpy and ridiculous.
The book is now available in paperback.
Hope you like the new cover and whimsical sketches inside its pages.
Reformatting this edition to fit a 6 x 9 inch book has helped me analyze my actual goal for this work, which is to inspire others to check out alternative trail food, to have fun with combinations, lighten their packs and remember its all about the journey. The memories we make, for good or bad, will shape the attitudes for future adventures.
This photo was taken by my friend Josh, up in the Maroon Bells, near Aspen Colorado. I'm using my silnylon-retro fitted external frame, the epidomy of Ultralight thinking: custom fitted, streamlined, specialized gear with a great work-weight ratio.   
I really love this picture taken on a backcountry road near Girdwood. Two retro fitted busses serve as homes. What a view!
Winter is on the way. Signs are posted warning us to take care traveling off the beaten path. Many areas just don't have year round maintenance, which is very understandable. Its remote and the economy doesn't support statewide road crews all year long. 

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