Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Be Yourself

While surfing, I found this blog and one of the first things he says is Be Yourself, don't try to be me.


I like that because in the end each person has different needs, although they do boil down to the four basics he describes as food, water, shelter and rest.

Many times we don't think of rest as a need, but without it, we loose strength, health and the ability to reason.

One of his posts deal with the 12 Cs of survival. Ghost also has many videos on youtube, a great resource, especially in the winter when getting out is much more difficult due to roads and work.

Of course, practice your skills, don't just read and watch. The mark of a true survivalist is patience and adaptability. The more you know and are exposed to intellectually, the greater your field of reference becomes, should you ever get in one of those tough spots.

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