Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Seward Day Trip

I drove over two hundred miles yesterday on a spontaneous road trip to Seward. They told me its usually windy there, but I lucked out. The calmness was underscored by the brewing storm. I guess the trail gods were spoiling me.

Walking along behind the Holiday Inn, I could see various boats and ships. I glanced into the large picture windows and saw an interesting photo op.
Its not everyday you can capture two photos with the click of a button.

Any oxymoron? Little Junior was probably one of the biggest, baddest boats on location. I walked along the pier, enjoying numerous jelly fish swimming in the cold water.

The road trip back was gorgeous. A bike path goes along this highway for quite a while, too. I also took a side trip into Hope, drove to the end of the road facing Turnagain arm, seeing the Porcupine campground. Gorgeous, cold, and free this time of year.

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