Friday, September 6, 2013

Possible Bear Encounters

This photo was taken up in the Monte Bell Four Pass Trail. My friend Flo, on the right flew in from Alabama, so she couldn't carry bear spray. Spray has saved hikers from serious bear attacks even in Yellowstone National Park. You can see I carry mine on a hip belt loop, prepared for instant access.

Even when I drop the pack, checking out a map detail, my spray is ready. Flo took this shot unexpectedly, and posted it to Facebook, where I snagged it, with her permission to use as needed. Thanks Flo.

This ramp is found on the Blueberry Trail in Alyeska Resort, near Girdwood Alaska. Upon finishing this hike, we exited the forest and saw a marvelous black bear ambling across the half pipe meadow. Of course, as the trail gods would have it, I didn't have my camera at the time. Today I went down, re-hiked the trail alone, and did a film on it.

Hope you enjoy the footage.

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