Sunday, September 1, 2013

Driving the Alaskan Highway

Its been booked, its been decided, its now underway!

In one week I shall fly back to Idaho, get my little car and drive it back up here.

Bottom line, I miss my car, my freedom of spontaneous combustion: able to haul what I please or at a moments notice, jump in the little Blue Rocket and drive to places unseen.

Its true. Last summer I abused her. Took her up steep mountain grades, hauled a mountain bike nearly her size clamped onto the trunk, busted up the muffler a little, added about 6,000 miles of backcountry adventure to her wheels.

But, me and My Geo are on good terms. She's never let me down. So, mid September, I'm bringing the Geo to Alaska via 3,000 miles of mapquested roadways: Idaho, to Oregon, to Washington, to Canada...more Canada, backcountry Canada, then heading into Alaska via Highway 1.

There are lots of folks working with me in Alyeska who have done that drive. They say, no worries, you can do it. So, stay tuned. I'll record my findings here and at my other blog


  1. Had a blast in Colorado hiking with you and bicycling around. Good memories of the trip and your faithful Geo. I know you will have a great adventure driving up there. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks, Flo, I will. Might even haul the bike up here cause they take the bikes up the mountain and we get to bike back down! Can you imagine the fun of riding down slopes without struggling up two thousand feet first?

    the Geo is old, but its been well cared for!