Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Idaho to Alaska on $350

I kept track of my expenses for this 2,800 mile journey, beginning near Boise, Idaho. I left on a Thursday morning, visited family near Pasco Washington, then headed out on Friday for the border. The passenger seat was slid all the way back, and put in full reclining position, enabling me to pull over and sleep at any time.
I kept my cell phone (and recharger) road altas, Milepost 2013, and yahoo driving directions, with a pen in that seat while traveling.

Upon reaching the Canadian border, I pulled out my passport and driver's license. She asked me if I had any fire arms. No, I replied. How about mace or bear spray. Again, I admitted no. She looked at me a moment and asked, "so you have nothing for self defense." No.....humm, not a good feeling. Later I remembered the hatchet behind the seat, for camping purposes.
Because I hadn't been in Canada for "so long" according to the agent, I was asked to park and come inside. There another agent took my passport and asked me all the places I've lived. I gave him a long list because I'm a seasonal worker. He said, wait on the bench, I'll be right back.
I took a seat, calm. I know if you're ever going to run for President of the United States, or go through Canada, you have to live a clean life.

Finally on my way, approved and eager, I headed up 97 North, immediately figuring out, 80 km per hour was about 60 mph. I'm glad I set my tripometer at zero and kept it there the whole time. Now, turn offs noted on my driving directions matched my car and the kilometers were just a math lesson.
I'll write more on my http://brawnyview.blogspot.com , a video of the trip at youtube (brawny 03) and add some here in the following days.
I arrived home after spending the night in Anchorage with a good friend. Now, its all about unpacking!

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