Friday, June 7, 2013

Some Cool Discoveries

Taking a few days to catch up on the net, I'm reading this thread called Your Life in Six Words.
Some of the replies are hilarious.
View of Madison River before you get to the Last Yellowstone campground before exiting at the West end. Its a great campground, has places for hikers and bikers, plus about 270 RV sites. Check out my other blog, for more details. 
Gear unpacked for drying and resupplying. Notice two cans of root beer. I noticed they are an excellent source of immediate energy and fluids while hiking. Only problem, find a place for the empty can. Smash it good, put it in a plastic bag and haul it to town. I sure enjoyed the full sugar boost, a rare treat, no matter what I'm doing.

My Brawnygear tent I designed three years ago. I call it a prototype because its unlike the Tacoma I used to make. It has a full zippered door, a bathtubbed rectangular floor and weights a scant 22 ounces. But, its small. Square footage of approximately 20 feet.
I discovered too, which fact may seem obvious, but if your socks are even just a little loose, they will eventually wrinkle under your feet, especially if wet and cause awesome blisters, memorable and outstanding blisters which must be drained. These same socks were marvelous skiing last winter. Not so good hiking.
Warning, never drain a blister on dirty feet. Clean feet thoroughly, then create tiny-very tiny-incision. Do not remove any skin but press gently to relieve the pressure. Allow feet to air dry. Fresh air will aid in rapid healing. You can still hike lots of miles if blisters are treated with caution and care.
Life is good.

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  1. I sure hope it stays warmer and dryer on our adventure. Saw plenty of rain here this week and survived Scout camp again. Love your tents. Mine is similar but sadly I did not sew it.

    Glad the bears left you alone and your feet are better.