Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heading Out to Adventure and Mountain Hold

Come Thursday I'll be off line for awhile. I'll be backpacking for ten days and will update as soon as I have wifi again.

Many thanks to all my great friends who encourage me to write and keep on keeping on. From Backpackers, day hikers, survivalists and people heading out on a road trip, you all make my day by coming on by.

Among my newest friends is Mountainman Mike.
To see what he's into take a look at the thread called: Year End Report. You'll see a real underground bunker/storm shelter way up in the Rocky Mountains.


After hiking a spell with my good friend Flo, I might go to a Rendezvous in Encampment, Wyoming. Maybe we'll "dress up" a little.

This hat has a lot of feathers, which is pretty cool. I added them after purchasing the hat in North Carolina. A red hawk dropped a feather on my work bench one day up in the Appalachian mountains. Too bad its illegal to own them or it would have been in this hat.

My Possibles Bag. I made this out of an old pair of suede boots. Fringe will drain water from the bag, can be used as emergency cordage and is just plumb pretty. 

moccasins are authentic Cherokee. Got them when I was passing through the Great Smokey Mountains. I like having real gear, not stuff made in China. They've seen just enough use to feel great, like bare feet, only with a little protection and warmth.
May you have the summer of your dreams.

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