Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Closure-When One Trail Ends

Getting ready to head up the mountain to live on the Divide for a couple weeks before resuming my hike, I'm getting my "REAL" world in order. Things like bank accounts, using air Miles before they expire, touching base with health care providers, suspending subscription to Netflix. Seems Internet is slow and sketchy and the thing no longer streams up here. Not even an issue when you're off line, though, is it?

Took this photo because someone on youtube dissed my spelling of the Native American structure. Then, I put on my boots and hiked it a ways. No griz sign, but I had my trusty bear spray clipped to my belt loop anyways. A gal can't be too careful. Some ask me if I've ever used it. Nope, I reply, but it sort of feels like a trusty weapon, one I may have to use against a wild dog or stalker some day. I consider it a last resort, though. Its really potent stuff.

This trail heads across the Madison Range. Seems to go on forever. A sweet stream runs alongside it on the right. Perfect habitat for all things wild.

While exiting the park, a traffic jam is common, especially nearing Old Faithful. Bison herds can not be rushed. The narrow passage from Madison Junction to Fairy Falls doesn't allow many bison to wander off into a field. Put on some good tunes, drink cold soda, and just relax. Unless the rangers come to facilitate, all you can do is be patient. Eventually, an hour later, the bison reached their meadows and dispersed left and right. Traffic resumed and I headed out of the south entrance, through the Tetons. A lovely snow capped mountain range was the reward. Be aware, even on Sunday, road construction is in progress. Tunes, Beverage and Patience. The key to all good karma.

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