Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Third Floor Report

All is going very well here at Yellowstone Man Camp. I toured the hotel and talked to the painters who are stripping the window frames of all the old paint.
There are three methods being used: linseed oil and infrared heat, paint stripper which is applied, left to work, then scraped off, and another innovative procedure, apply the stripper base, cover with strips of plastic sheeting, let set overnight, then peel away paint and all. I'm so impressed with the skills.
Now, up on the third floor the sheet rock is being hung and check lists are posted. Each department marks it off, electricians,plumbers, carpenters, as their part is completed. We are ahead of schedule. I feel very fortunate to be part of this historic restoration of the hotel
Huge columns of steel are installed on the main floor. I've peered into the great holes in the floor. After writing Primal Cut, Book one of the Seasonal Killer Series, available at, I'm more curious than ever about the nooks and hidden crannies in this historic building.

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