Friday, January 18, 2013

Day on the Cat

I took the Cat out from Lake with one of our Man Camp Drivers on my days off. He is such an expert that the ride was flawless. He offered to stop so I could take as may photos as I wished. When he pulled over at Gibbon Falls, Rory accompanied me down the snow packed walkway to shoot a short film.

I took several trips on the Cat riding shot gun. It was amazing the amount of skill it took to load a trailer, installing skis, "battening down the hatches", circumventing snowmobilers, bison and snow coaches.
Rory checks the skis on the sled, making sure it is properly linked up with "shackels". Its about 6 a.m and we're headed to West Yellowstone to pick up another load of steel, four by fours, etc. I will spend the night at West and enjoy local music at Wild West.
The Cat must be refueled and a special bottle of Diesel Additive added to each 100 gallons (one tank, which is what it takes for one round trip). Rory is such a gentleman I enjoy riding around the park, getting a special view from about 12 feet up, way over the heads of bison that make my car look tiny.

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