Friday, January 25, 2013

Guns and Horses-I'll Do That

Here at the Man Camp I've met some fantastic people. I'm really impressed with the rugged guys out here in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. They have horses, guns, drive big rigs, know how to fix just about everything. They appreciate good cooking and are polite, most are handsome and well mannered. I practice my spanish with the bilingual guys and trade trash talk. Could it get any better? Yeah, it could. A very special guy promised to teach me all about guns and horses when it warms up this summer. I'll do that.

Its been a great winter so far. Plenty of snow for skiing and building forts.  But it's all about the Historic Renovation of the Yellow Hotel.

I've toured the Yellowstone Hotel during this process of renovation. These guys have quite a project underway. Last night I was up in the attic, saw 40 foot beams being threaded behind pipes and supports by two construction workers. I wear a pink hardhat from the Office every time I'm in the Hotel. Anything could happen. Its amazing the co ordination of effort by the drivers, sub contractors and construction dudes to make this happen.

The project superintendent explained to me that the work in the attic involves taking pressure and weight off the outside walls and direct some of that to the middle of the hotel. See, I thought it was all about bracing up the roof so it didn't collapse under the weight of all the snow. But, turns out  its about taking all that downward  pressure exerted on the exterior walls and redistributing it to the center of the great Hotel.

Thanks guys for showing me around. I've heard there's a secret haunted staircase and a basement. Stay tuned.

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