Friday, January 25, 2013

Problem with Plagerism-Warning-Rant

I was researching some ultralight backpacking sites last night and came across one with misinformation and surprisingly, a strange quote attributed to me.

I soon found myself reading other paragraphs and wondering why this web person copied and pasted important portions of my writings on ultralight philosophy yet attributed them to another author or took credit themselves.

I know, this happens on the World Wide Web and there are no police monitoring intellectual theft. Its a lazy author who doesn't take time to properly credit another's work or plain out steals it.

I'm not naming names. Some friends tell me to just ignore the jerk, others say no publicity is worse than bad publicity. The last thing I want to do is send his hits through the roof as people go check out what I'm ranting about.

All I want to say is, if you didn't write it, find out who did and give them their by-line.

Come on dude, be honest with your readership.

I've been at this a long time. Back when I started long distance hiking, ultralight extremists were rare. We had Ray Jardine as the Godfather. Then, a few others began to playing with concepts, like stripping the frames and belts off packs because our gear was so light we improvised those components, using socks to pad shoulder straps, sleeping on bubble wrap to see how it fared, using silnylon for rain gear and aluminum cans for cook pots, weighing every gram of fuel and designing sub-one pound shelters cause you really didn't need all that room just to sleep, trying everything under the sun for pot supports, testing everything imaginable to see how it burned in or on a soda can stove.

Nothing was immune to total heartless scrutiny. Rainmaker made me some gram weenie sandals out of shoe inserts. I used them on my AT thru hike. We cut down trowels. Hell, who needs a trowel? Use your hiking pole. Wait, they are holding up my shelter!
Nothing was sacred. Nothing is still. Except your integrity.

Quit stealing, all I'm saying!

People like Glen Van Peski , Triple Crowner Brian Robinson and his father,the Trail Dad were a few of the new names. There were gear contests at the zero kick off party on the Pacific Crest Trail, backpackers seeing what was being designed by real people doing it, not some company with enginers and fashion designers. We've been at this awhile. There's a mindset, an internal flaw if you will,  that allows us to test our bodies with minimal gear, bringing on pain and unreasonable ecstasy when something works. Yeah, most of you don't get it. You weren't meant to. After all, there's a reason why it's called Extreme.

So, the point of this rant is to say, quit stealing someone's work. Use it, spread the news, but give proper credit.
I'm one of those rare females that like the rugged minimalism of ultralight living. Don't act like you invented it. You know who you are!

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  1. That is really bad. I do not know why people do things like that. Glad you said something because to ignore it does not make it go away.