Monday, January 28, 2013

Hobo Grill

A friend posted this photo to my facebook page. I thought it looked pretty cool. The can would hold charcol briskets or a small wood fire, I think. Notice the small holes punched down in photo three. You do need air flow.

Now, a grill, some dogs and does any hobo have a bit of Katsup?

One thing to remember, those flanges from cutting the can down would be sharp. Some of us hobos don't have health insurance. Take care cutting metal. That could make a nasty cut.


  1. I have just the tin can for this one! Really looks fun to do. Just need to find the tin snips. I found a lightweight grill protector at the grocery store that would make the perfect lightweight grilling surface. Other option is stealing my cookie cooling rack from the kitchen.

  2. That's hilarious, Flo, steeling your cookie cooling rack. The project is indeed inticing. Let me know how it works if you do it!