Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Survival Shelter In Minutes

This new video I posted on YouTube is a little shaky at times, sort of like the Blair Witch Project movie. I bring my camera when possible when I'm outside.

This short spontaneous clip is the result of  my serious contemplation of the snow cave, snow fort or snow shelter. I've tried making snow shelters by chopping blocks. I usually end up tired, wet and dissatisfied with the results.

By using natural surroundings like dead falls and live pines, a person can create a shelter in minutes and not waste valuable time and calories. The only tools I had was my hands, If I had a knife, a saw or plastic sheeting or a small tarp, the shelter could be improved with spruce boughs and dry seating.

Of course, being in a national park, the forest service frowns on cutting of live vegetation. In a true survival situation I would do what ever was necessary to survive. Today, that wasn't a problem.

Within an hour of playing with this concept, I was back in my room, took a hot shower, turned on my laptop to write.


  1. Great use of what is available. Hard to believe that much snow there. It was 70 degrees today and my daughter wore shorts here in the South. I love snow but rarely see it. So glad you are posting about winter life at Yellowstone. I am getting wanderlust bad!

  2. We were out of power today. Cooking in the dark, at least we have a propane stove. The generators are finally humming. The foreman told me, Carol, You give the power guys whatever they want. I said, absolutley. Food, we're talking food.

  3. LOL! Only food? Just kidding. Power goes out a lot at my home. We are surrounded by loud generators when our power grid goes. At work we have a massive generator that powers every thing in the station. It is wonderful, makes me want to move in when our power is out for a week!