Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GMail Free Phone Calls at Yellowstone

Up here at Lake Yellowstone we have a lot of snow. Its beautiful. Yesterday we were out of power. Many times the only phone access is via landline, one phone in a dorm, or as I recently was turned on to, Google!

If you have a gmail account, you'll find a little phone icon. Click on that icon, dial up the person you want to talk to, and go for it. Its free, totally wifi supported, and I can talk and hear the person so well, you'd think you were sitting in the same room.

Its come a long way from phone chat I remember years ago. We have good wifi up here when there is power and I have tested this application for business calls as well as personal. Your call history is recorded, so next time you want to call the same number, you pull up the history and click on it.

Thanks Google!

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